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How to Be Awesome for Girls or how to get a beautiful girl as your girl friend

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Tips to be awesome for girls or follow these tips to friendship with a beautiful and awesome girl.
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  1. Be funny. Talk about funny things. If you're in a group of people, say something really random, stop for a while, and look shocked. Make sure everyone knows you otherwise they might not laugh.
  2. Make a lot of friends. First of all, don't be shy. Say hi to new people and make sure you include everyone and don't be mean to anyone. If you really want to be awesome, don't be in a popular clique, just be yourself and have tons of friends. People will soon know you as awesome.
  3. Don't worry about what others think of you. Also, don't change in order to fit in. If the popular girls are wearing something amazing, that does not mean you have to have the exact same thing to be awesome.
  4. Be active. Don't just sit there and be lazy. Have fun while you're being active or playing sports.
  5. Try to do well in school. Ask for help if you need it. It's okay to get a bad grade once in a while, as long as you tried your best. It is awesome to get good grades, so just pay attention in class. Especially math! Math and science aren't just subjects for boys.
  6. Have skills. Believe it or not, having cool skills will make you popular and awesome: People will soon be asking you to teach them new skills. Do a sport like gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, all-star cheerleading (not the kind where you cheer for football, but the kind where you compete), dance, ice skating, or anything like that. You can show off your skills once in a while, but don't be a big show-off otherwise people won't like you anymore.
  7. Have a big sleepover, and invite as many people as you can. Don't leave anyone out.
  8. Don't be pushy and don't hang all over guys to get their attention, in fact, if you want their attention, ignore them, then they won't leave you alone.
  9. Wear cute clothes. You don't have to wear super expensive designer clothes all the time, but be cute.
  10. Have your own unique, personal style. A good way to do that is to mix styles. For example, you can be sporty and girly at the same time, or sophisticated or casual at the same time. Don't be too wild!
  11. 11
    Don't blend in: STAND OUT. Dress in your own personal style(go back a step for more info). Make sure your style matches your personality: If you're a girly girl, don't wear tomboy clothes. Have your own "signature" look that no one else has.
  12. 12
    Just love yourself and everyone else will see your awesomeness.


  • Don't turn into a popular snob.
  • Always be yourself.
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