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Answers To - What is Nose Plastic Surgery ? What is the Best Age to Get It Done ? Is there Any Side Effect?

Nose Plastic Surgery
Commonly known as plastic surgery of nose or a nose job, the surgery can make you look accordingly to your very own ideals of beauty. It can balance your face and satisfy one’s instinct of beautification. In medical terms however this procedure is known as Rhinoplasty. With Nose Plastic Surgery you can increase or decrease the size of your nose, change the way the tip of your nose is built and even the very outlook of the nostrils. Defining nose plastic surgery is not a difficult job. The surgical technique of altering the shape and size of your nostrils to make it aesthetically excellent is nose plastic surgery infact. Most of the times we see that this surgery is done to make one’s nose commensurate with other facial parts, however, some times it is performed in order to help people encounter their breathing issues or to make structural improvements or to mend birth defects.    

Eligibility criterion for such a surgery is that the aspirator should be around 15 years of age for girls and two or three years later for boys. The reason behind such thought is that the main structural bone of the nose has attained maturity and also its shape has been stabilized. A realistic approach to such a surgery shall help a great deal to the patients, as nose plastic surgery cannot fully reinvent the nose structure itself. For doctors it is good to know what shape actually the patient desires. Nose plastic surgery usually starts with a cut across or and incision insight or outside the nostrils. Then comes the stage of sculpting and by exposition of cartilage and bone that makes the actual structure of the nose this activity is done. Then there is a step of stitching and newly cut nose is then shaped and stitched in a prescribed manner so as to achieve the best results. Normally it takes two or three hours for a practiced surgeon to perform nose plastic surgery. Recovery span is always a key factor in Rhinoplasty. During the fist week patients face spell disaster, bruising and swelling is increased and some times even black eyes are witnessed. Cool environment shall help a great deal in such a situation as it makes the nose least swelling. Sometimes patients report that the facial expressions are depicting more pain then they are actually feeling.

The results of nose plastic surgery are quite satisfactory. Most of the patients after their surgical repair feel better than before. But obviously results are much dependent on the efforts that have been put in and the command of surgeon over his work. It happens that some times even little alterations can make your nose look astoundingly immaculate. Cost of the nose plastic surgery is somewhat greatly variable than you could expect. Actually the cost is based upon various factors which include how many procedures are involved, and what results a patient want to obtain as well as the actual locality in which the surgery is done.

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