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Common Mistakes while choosing WebHosting

 Common Mistakes : Which hosting to go for?
Most of the confused souls on choosing efficient webhosting company are the new guys who desired to shift their blogs from wordpress.com or blogspot.com. These guys don’t have enough knowledge and often seeks for the consultations of the experts. Few fortunate enough gets the consultations from friends and social networks like twitter. From the last 3 years I deals with more than 10-20 hosting companies and also help few to established their sub hosting unit as a reseller accounts.

Hosting Reviews Basics Common Mistakes : Which hosting to go for?
Common Mistakes while choosing WebHosting

Mistakes : If you consider that Space and Bandwidth is the main feature for choosing a webhosting company then you are running under blunder. Space and Bandwidth plays 20% part in choosing the right webhosting. There are many other factors which predict the performance of the hosting. These factors are described as follows:

  1. Up Time: Server uptime is most important factors. Unlike local hosting providers, hosting should have 100% up-time. Most of the best data centers like planet claims to provide 99 % up time warranty.
  2. CPU Limits: CPU limit is the most crucial factors for high traffic websites. If you plans to shift your host just because of high traffic then you must keep in mind to check for their maximum allowed process limits. Normally due to lack of this you often face the “Interner Server Errors” – 400 pages. I personally faced this issue so telling you on the basis of personal experience.
  3. cPanel : Control Panel is the most common feature of the hosting. In case you are on the windows hosting having Plesk Panel then you must checkup for automated applications, traffic manager, database management applications and other basic things. Personally i liked the cpanel.
  4. Support: This is the most confident feature of the webhosting providers. Some time you messed up with the dedicated sites then support should quickly respond to your queries. Support should be quick chat support or mail/ticketing system.
  5. Money matter the most: Yeah, money matter but set up your few above described bench mark and then decide the hosting providers offering all the things under minimum budgets.
  6. Established data center: I consider that you all known with the term data center. Data center are the place where your the web server is located actually. You should clear on the fact that data center is safe and secure with all types of dangers like flood, fire and accidents. Of course it is not supposed to be first floor of your building or in your bed room.
  7. Accepted user policy (AUP) and the Terms of service (TOS): About 90% of the internet users don’t give a dam about the certificates , TOS or any policies. Webhosting TOS is unlike the software you are supposed to install in next – next clicks. You should aware of the things like hosting company is responsible of any data loss / data theft . It is recommended that you should read the Accepted user policy(AUP) before buying hosting.

Now you are confused that some friend suggest the DreamHost and some suggest any other. I would recommend that you should consider the above described points before going for any hosting provides.

Suggestions: In case you have a blog then you should go for Hostgator baby plan and if it have quite healthy traffic then you should go for Hostgator Business plan.

Shared hosting have their own limits in case you are earning more than $1000 from your blog and have more than 5millions of monthly page views then i will recommend for the dedicated servers or Virtual private servers (VPS).
Written By : Usman Awan

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