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Computer games and EA Sports.

Computer games and EA Sports.

Brief History:
The history of computer games lies upon the history of technology. As we know that the games are made with the help of technology so the technology must be capable of getting data and then representing it. Actually the games were designed for the military and for academic purpose, but later on it got so much popularity that we can easily play games at our homes. The first  computer game which is assumed to be game is Space war and then later on the first commercially basis game was PONG.As we know that there are many types of games, in the classical type of games you can never win and the game becomes harder and harder, the high achievable has the highest score. The progress in the world of computer games was in the year 1970 and all the upcoming years and now a days we can see that the games have established its roots in every mind.

New Era:
If the 1980s were about the rise of the industry, the 1990s were about the maturing of the industry. The wonder full contribution among the history of computer games is of EA SPORTS.this emerging company gave a very new look to the PC GAMES. Some other companies were also involved in the better future of games whose names and their contribution is given below

1.    In 1998 Sega released dream cast in Japan which came to USA in 1999.
2.    In the same year Nintendo released the Game Boy Color.
3.    In 2000 Sony released the play station 2.
4.    In 2001 Final Fantasy X was released. It was the first Final Fantasy game on the PS2.
5.    In 2002 Sega became the third party of releasing games after Sony and Microsoft.
6.    In 2003 Nokia entered the handheld market with its N-Gage game-phone hybrid on 7 October.
7.    In 2004 resident evil became the most selling game having new innovative and set pieces work.
8.    In 2005 Microsoft Game Studios release the highly anticipated Forza Motorsport.
9.    In 2006 Sony announces PS One manufacturing ending in March.

Later on there were many developments made by different companies especially by EA Sports even this company has played such a big role, the people who did not know how to play, make them the players and get them familiar with others games also.

PC Gaming Experience:
If you are not familiar with any computer game then I would like to suggest you gear up and start playing games. You will easily learn that how to play a game and it will be a very good experience for you. Test your brains in puzzle games and put your tactics in strategy games. There are plenty of games waiting for you to play with or against for the experience. So I would suggest  you to play computer games as soon as possible not only for the sake of experience but also for the enjoyment.

Written By:Abdul-Basit

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