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Does A Minimalist Lifestyle Breed Laziness?

Does A Minimalist Lifestyle Breed Laziness?

I have been thinking a lot recently about what baggage I am carrying around in my life, physical and mental. The lure of the completely minimalist lifestyle calls out to me and sounds like a nice way to be. No hassle, no worries, just me, myself and I, doesn’t it sound wonderfully fulfilling (and mildly selfish)? I have been growing towards a more minimalist approach to life for a few years now so I am getting there one lighter step at a time.
But minimalism is a big step….
After canceling all your extra expenses, getting rid of all your possessions and pretty much emptying your life of stuff that was consuming time, money or brainpower, what are you actually going to do with all that found time and money and headspace? Why bother doing anything? Hell, why not cut back to minimal/no work too and just spend more time relaxing and doing nothing?
These thought processes enter my head when thinking about minimalism. Sure I want some nice savings, I want to be debt free and I want a few nice things but once I have all that what is the point of working my ass off for no real objective, nothing big to buy or own. No aspirations to fill my life with pointless mental clutter either! That’s the minimalist’s objective , right?

Is minimalism just laziness?

I’m thinking that working hard to be minimal may well lay the foundations for me to become a very lazy person. For this reason total minimalism isn’t really an ideal place for me to end up. I need something to head for, some struggle of some sort to keep me on my toes and to keep my eyes open.
I love the ideals but like most ideals I probably should strive to fall just short of them. As an eternal wannabe minimalist rather than a fully enlightened minimalist I will have the fire to keep me running and moving and stop lethargy from settling in…..  
It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters?
So are true minimalists just lazy, quitting on a life that is supposed to be hard? Could it even be considered lazy if you worked so hard to get there?

What is your take in minimalism?

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