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Eat Raw Foods and Save Money

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Eat Raw Foods and Save Money

Your wallet will thank you!

When many people first hear about the concept of the raw foods movement they may initially think it sounds rather strange. Chances are you grew up with food favorites that were baked, fried, broiled, or cooked in some way. Hearing that more and more people are switching to a diet of completely raw, uncooked foods and raving about the health benefits just sounds to unfamiliar to you. Perhaps though it might be easier to digest if you also knew that adding more raw foods to your diet will not only be better for your health but it is also better for your pocketbook.

Most raw food aficionados suggest eating organic produce, more expensive raw nuts, and even those hard to find superfoods but despite all of this eating raw is usually better for your budget. Here are a few of the ways that going raw might help you save some money.

Medical Bills - Eating raw foods rich in living enzymes with all of their nutrients still intact is healthier for your body than eating the processed, nutrient deficient foods that you may be used to. Raw food enthusiasts often claim that medical ailments they had for years disappear when they start eating a mostly raw diet. Things like depression, diabetes, obesity, and allergies just seem to go away. Think of all the money that you could save on doctor bills and pharmacy prescriptions if you let food be your medicine.

Grocery Bills - In general fruits and veggies will be cheaper than prepackaged, processed junk foods. They are also quite a bit cheaper than meat and dairy. Going raw does not have to eliminate meat or dairy but many find that access to high quality meats and raw dairy is limited. A raw diet often does reduce consumption of expensive meat and dairy products. Raw foodies also claim that the amount of food they eat in general is far less than what they used to eat before going raw and less food means less money spent.

Toiletries and Skin Care Products - A big perk of eating raw is that your skin and hair become more hydrated and vibrant. Expensive moisturizers, skin creams, and even shampoo become relatively obsolete. When you do feel your skin or hair need some extra care you can easily turn to the raw foods in your pantry and refrigerator such as coconut oil or avocados to make a home spa treatment. Also, as your skin begins to look and feel better you will also find that you no longer need to wear makeup or use as much of it.

Water - Eating raw saves on your water bill as you no longer have pots, pans, and casserole dishes to clean and scrub anymore. Many times a simple raw food meal will only require a cutting board and a plate or a Vita-Mix which can be cleaned in seconds with minimal water usage. The need for daily showers and hair washes is also something that is reduced, saving even more water. AND you also spend les son drinking water or buying water filters. Food in its raw state has a high water content... and it doesn;t get cooked away. This means that you need to drink less water because you are getting it from your food.

When you add up all the health benefits and the monetary benefits of eating raw, you might decide that adopting a raw foods diet is something you need to look at more closely.

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