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Famous Celebrities Cancer Survivors

famous cancer survivor  Lance Armstrong
Popular Celebrities with cancer but still alive
 Although inspiration can be taken from cancer survivors around the world, some people’s tales are more famous than others. While there should be a platform for anyone to share their amazing survivor story, often celebrities have the media attention and means to get their cancer tale out into the public. As long as it’s to inspire hope into other people, I think that the stories of famous cancer survivors are a good thing. When someone is struggling to survive, an inspirational figure or story can make all the difference.

1) Lance Armstrong – Armstrong epitomizes surviving cancer. The likelihood of his survival was statistically dire but he was able to fight for his survival and went on to win the Tour de France.
2) Scott Hamilton – Olympian and famous cancer survivor.
3) Edie Falco – The Sopranos actress worked on the show while battling cancer and won.
4) Robert DiNero – Oscar winner and icon, DiNero has struggled with cancer and won.
5) Suzanne Summers – Fitness figure and actress, Sommers has been very vocal with her battle and victory against cancer.
Cancer is something that we all must fight against in our society. It affects too many people to ignore it’s significance. I only listed a few famous cancer survivors, but the truth of the matter is that there are dozens if not hundreds. A healthy lifestyle can aid you in your prevention of cancer, but unfortunately genetic predisposition reigns.
Any cancer survivor, in my opinion, deserves to be famous. The amount of strength, bravery and determination that pulls people through the terrifying and painful nature of cancer is immeasurable. Any and every cancer survivor’s story should be told to inspire other people.
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