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Home Maintenance Tips Important For All

Home maintenance

If we look around our beloved dwelling we see only a few things that are absolutely free from maintenance. There are infact a complete list of stuff that requires regular maintenance and overhauling. It is however a proven fact that preventive maintenance is much useful than replacement itself as it can greatly help keeping away huge repairs which requires a lot of money. Moreover, life-expectancy can also be increased through such procedure.
Organized and regular maintenance also let us observe various components and their condition. For instance, usual roof examination shall not only help us detecting the fault but also let us plan for budgetary provisions. Conversely, if maintenance is not done on regular basis the roof could all of a sudden collapse even. Hence the factors mentioned calls for suitable measures for reduction of risks to one’s life under such circumstances.

Performing regular maintenance by your own-self is not an easy task to do. Hiring a home inspector to conduct a detailed home inspection is a prudent decision. After-all real estate companies are doing their bit to provide you the standardized protection and safety. Preferably the preventative maintenance must be carried out twice in a year and specifically in fall and spring. But even with these inspections and preventive maintenance some items still requires additional inspections. Therefore, if possible records of maintenance should be made properly. It has also generally been seen that people do not keep into account these pre-emptive measures and do the repair and maintenance when it is absolutely essential, however, the more you do the better it is for you.

Let us first focus our attention to a list of “to do’s” for smooth functioning of your home.  The followings are the regular maintenance works that needed to be performed atleast twice a year especially if you are residing in Rochester Hills, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, and Birmingham like localities. Please make sure that you clean the gutters of your home in fall and the spring and also try to regularly pinpoint damaged roof atleast two times in a year. Moreover, proper trimming of the trees in your garden and removal of harmful bushes or vegetarian from walls and narrow places of your house is an essential requirement. AC system requires regular checking and maintenance since it is just used once in a year. Also try to keep your eye on the sliding windows atleast once a year and make sure that the drainage pipes are clean. Furnace and geezer or boiler must be serviced on yearly basis. Please make sure that if you are living in an environment where freezing temperatures are reached more often than not then close outward water taps in the winters. Also try to regularly check bath-tub and shower on atleast monthly basis and repair/maintain it as and when required. Moreover, on monthly basis test the ground fault circuit interrupters. Please for the safety of your children (if any) install door stoppers and do their proper maintenance from time to time by oiling them atleast twice a year.

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