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How To Stop and Quit Smoking ?

How to stop and quit smoking
We have seen on various hoardings around us stating “smoking is injurious to health” and numerous other statements that everybody should quit smoking since it is not a healthy activity. But the question is that how to stop smoking? And how you will convince people to discontinue a thing they are practicing for years. It is also true to some extent however that most people who are smoking are quite willing to quit it on account of many reasons. Reasons such as that they are unwilling to continue with such habit due to their worsening of health, they socially feel alienated while smoking, their expense on smoking is turning out to be a burden on their exchequer and last but not least is that some one quite near to their heart says that they must quit it in order to gain better health.
Whatever the reason may be it is a fact un-denied that various researches have proved that most people smoking around the globe are not smoking for the sole purpose of it rather it is their habit and they cannot manage their life considerations without it.

What I shall focus in this article from now on is the methods that can be put into practice in order to obtain positive results in quitting smoking. There are many methodologies that can be implemented but the main thing that could lead to its discontinuation is the internal will of a person.

Every person knows the side effects of smoking yet they are doing it one way or the other therefore they have to be educated to such an extent that they should atleast in the first instance do not appreciate the habit of smoking. A hate and displeasure sentiment has to be created in the person who is smoking. Then after it various strategies can be planned to get rid of this bad habit entirely from a person’s life. Various medical products are available to help out the patient. Recently a medical product is announced in which you just have to spray you mouth cavity once before smoking and when you taste the cigarette it feels sour. Then with the passage of time you start hating it since it does not fulfill your requirements and doesn’t even taste good. Some other products are also available in the market which comes with a DVD which entices and motivates you to stop it because of hazardous nature and possible threats to both you and your family etc.

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