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How To Tell Your Girlfriend That You Hate Her

How To Tell Your Girlfriend That You Hate Her
Follow these steps,Tips and warnings  To Tell Your Girlfriend That You Hate Her
It's hard to tell a girl who likes you that you actually don't like her in return, but follow the steps below, and you'll do fine.


  1. Approach the girl in a place that is not busy or crowded. To avoid a scene: school, movie theaters, and parties are definitely not appropriate. It's better to go up to this girl while in a more private location.
  2. Think about what you don't like about her. Does she take advantage of friends? Is she too loud? Is she a gossiper?
  3. Take a deep breath, and explain the situation. For example, if she takes advantage of friends, you could say: "I really didn't like the way you treated [Friend A], [Friend B], and me. You said you were friends with us and then acted really mean." Be kind, but firm. Try to be as specific as you can when identifying the problem.
  4. Give her some time to respond to that. She might deny acting in that way, or perhaps apologize.
  5. Consider her thoughts carefully, and listen to what she's saying. Maybe if her response is genuine, you can actually be friends.
  6. Think of the event that caused you to dislike her, and if you realize that it's happening over and over again, and you've approached her multiple times, then continue to the next step.
  7. When she is finished speaking, explain that this has happened too many times. Then kindly say, "I'm not sure this friendship can continue."
  8. Act according to the facts for the rest of the conversation. Your talk could lead to forgiveness or even becoming friends again. Or it could lead to a friendship ending, as you were intending to happen.
  9. Be kind, whatever happens, the whole way through.


  • Make eye contact while speaking with the girl. Don't let her look at the ground or ignore you.
  • Avoid letting the girl change the subject. If you see the topic averting from the problem, bring it up again.
  • Smile or look serious according to the issues and the situation. If this girl has been spreading very hurtful, vicious rumors about you then you may not want to smile. But if she's just been following you around all the time and telling you that you're clothing taste isn't that nice, then you could go right ahead!


  • Never come straight out telling a girl, "I don't like you!" This will result in more hurt feelings than a deliberate approach.
  • Thinking a girl's hair is ugly, does not mean, "I don't like her." Make sure you have a good reason for not liking this girl, and ending your friendship with her. Other examples of bad reasons are:
    1. You don't think she's popular.
    2. You think her other friends are geeky.
    3. You feel that her laugh is annoying.

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