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Most Beautiful and Lovely Flowers of the World

Top Ten Most Favourite Flowers Of Girls

1. Roses

This flower deserves to be placed at first place in the list. This flower is symbol of love and is used to express love in whole world. Rose has many varieties and colors and different colors carry various meanings, as red color is color of love and yellow shows friendship.


2. Lantana

This bunch of spectacular flowers is considered as weed by many people and unfortunately this is endangered specie of flowers. The plant is strong and color of petals change with increasing age of plant.


3. Blue Bells

This flower specie is present in European forests and come in its beauty in spring season. These flowers give an impression of sorrow and grief and are truly eternal in their beauty.

Blue Bells
Blue Bells

4. Bleeding Heart

These flowers are available in spring season only from April to June. These are present in three colors as red, pink and white. These flowers are very delicate and required special attention and care.

Bleeding Heart flower
Bleeding Heart

5. Black Eyed Susan

These flowers are symbol of happiness and cheers. You can identify these flowers due to their unique sharp yellow petals and black spots in middle.

Black Eyed Susan
Black eyed susan

6. Calla Lily

This flower is beautiful death as their looks are so pleasant but these flowers are poisonous and can prove fatal. However just looking this flower you can not even imagine of its notorious crime.

Calla Lily
calla lily

7. Hydrangea

This flower is cute and attractive as its smother colors and tender petals provide soothing affect. They have star shape that is attractive for children. If you have wedding plans in next few months or days then try to decorate the stage with this flower. This flower is symbol of cheers of marriage.


8. Bird of paradise

The very glimpse of flower is witness that why this flower is named as bird of paradise. This is magical and truly spectacular flower and does seem to be heavenly creation.

Bird of paradise
Bird of paradise

9. Canna

This follower is used in many films and is sign for beauty and love. This is very famous flower since long times ago. The flower is itself exotic but the leaves covering this flower are equally amazing. These leaves are like banana leaves big and beautiful.

canna flower

10. Cherry Blossom

This flower is found in Japan. This flower is present in two colors as white and pink. Amazing thing is that this flower blossoms on a tall tree and in fall Cherry blossom trees looks spectacular.

Cherry blossom
Written By : Usman Awan

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