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My Top Six Coping Skills For Getting and Staying Lean!

Based on my personal experience, I feel that the majority of everyone’s bad habits stem from poor coping skills- meaning that a large number of people are missing workouts and meals because they fail to plan.
And believe me, no matter how much you may know about nutrition and training, if you fail to implement precise coping skills that move you towards your goals, you’ll be left frustrated and disappointed in the end. (And no one wants that!)
Because of this, right here and now I’m going to reveal the top obstacles (from the feedback I have gotten from many of you) that are keeping people from their physique goals.  Then I’m going to describe precise coping skills to help you overcome these frequently occurring obstacles.
Ready? Here we go:
Obstacle One: No time to prepare healthy meals.
Coping Skill One: Set aside a few hours one night a week (just skip watching TV for an evening) to make large quantities of your favorite meals. Keep some of what you make in the refrigerator and freeze the rest in Tupperware® containers for later use. (Alternatively you could even pay or persuade someone do this for you if you’re really crunched for time.) Need recipe ideas? See number three below.
Obstacle Two: No time to eat six meals a day.
Coping Skill Two: If you implemented coping skill #1 this would no longer be a problem because you’d have meals to take along with you during the day. You can always pre-mix a quality meal replacement powder, pour it into a thermos and refrigerate at work until it’s “feeding time.” Lean Body bars are also extremely convenient and great- tasting when you need a meal on the go.
Obstacle Three: Tired of eating bland and boring food.
Coping Skill Three: You must prepare healthy food you love to eat! Otherwise you’ll constantly be bagging your bland and boring meals in exchange for fast food. For great tasting meal recipes check out the articles of our fit chef Jonathan Zamora and also check out the following 2 free downloadable files:
The Fit BBQ Grill - Read these great grilling tips from the Fit Chef, Johnathan Zamora. He shares delicious recipes, rubs and marinades to spice up your BBQ!
Gourmet Nutrition Desserts Book - Eating good never tasted so good! Learn how to make fast, delicious hi-protein desserts!
Obstacle Four: Can’t quit eating junk food.
Coping Skill Four: Remove all the junk food from your home (you know where you’ve got it stashed!) and replace with healthy foods that you enjoy eating! Believe me, when it’s out-of-sight, it’s out-of-mind. Another coping skill to apply is the substitution of bad foods with foods that aren’t as bad. For instance, instead of consuming a root beer float with real ice cream and root beer, use diet root beer and fat-free frozen yogurt. Instead of eating chips, eat pretzels. Get it? You can also avoid temptation by limiting how often you go out to eat. Another thing you can do to ward off cravings is to make sure you’re eating every few hours.
Obstacle Five: Constantly skipping workouts because of busy schedule.
Coping Skill Five: Buy a simple weight bench and a variety of dumbbells so you can get a quality workout from home or the office. (I have a gym set up in my garage that saves me loads of time!) You can also try working out during your lunch break, before work, or after work (hey, you’ll avoid rush hour traffic.) I also recommend keeping an extra set of workout clothes in your car in case you forget to pack them one day.
Obstacle Six: Forgetting to take supplements.
Coping Skill Six: Buy a simple supplement carrying case to take with you during the day. Also, on a sheet of paper make a list of when to take your supplements and check them off as you do. It’s also a good idea to have a month’s supply of supplements in case you run out. (It takes some people two weeks to get around to replenishing their supply.)
Summary of coping skills required for getting and staying lean:
1. Make large amounts of great tasting and healthy food ahead of time and freeze.
2. Carry these meals with you in a cooler to work.
3. Carry a meal replacement drink mix or bar with you for emergencies.
4. Empty your home of junk food and replace with healthy foods.
5. Get a weight training bench and a few dumbbells for your home or office.
6. Keep an extra set of workout clothes in your car.
7. Pick up a supplement carrying case and design a supplement schedule to check off each day.
Now you may think that implementing these ideas will take too much time. But the truth is, by implementing these coping skills you actually MAKE more time for yourself and cut down on loads of frustration.
By : Usman Awan

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