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Simple And Easy Tips To Write A Product Review

Simple And Easy Tips To Write A Product Review
How to Write a Product Review

Review Guidelines
•    The review should include at least one image of the product, preferably towards the beginning of the article. Also, sample images taken with the product is preferred, or in the case of software reviews, screenshots should be included.
•    If it’s a product review, state the specifics (if it's a camera, for example, explain if it's a compact point-and-shoot, DSLR, etc.) and who the product is geared towards (amateurs, professionals, beginners, kids, etc.)
•    The review should be broken up into rated sections. The titles of each section is up to you, though some suggestions include “Performance”, “Features”, “Design”, “Ease of Use” “Overall Rating”, “What’s Included”, etc. One rated section that you must include is “Price to Value”.
•    Feel free to include sections that aren’t rated, such as “Introduction”, “Specifications”, and “Suggested Features”.
•    Reviews should not sound like the product’s webpage (IOW, a sales pitch) – You should not write reviews to only provide information that can be found from the manufacturers website – reviews need to show that you’ve actually tested the product, contain information on how you, personally, felt about the product and also include your gripes about the product (if any). I also prefer it when product reviews contain information on how it performs under pressure, for example, how a camera performs in low light situations or when taking action shots.

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