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How to take Backup Of your blog

Sometimes we need to take backup of a blog. There are many reason to take backup of a blog. Suppose you want to move your blog to another blogging services or you want to take backup of it into your hard disk drive or may be you want to merge more blogs into one.  Here i am explaining you a step by step process to do so.

Taking Backup of a blog: 

Step 1: Login to your blogger a/c.

Step 2: To take backup of your blog click Settings tab | Basic tab | Export blog button.

Step 3: Now blogger asks to export your blog. Click Downlod Blog button.

Step 4: Now a window appears on the screen which asks users to save the .xml file to local hard disk. Press Ok button to save the .xml file.
By this way you can take backup of all of your blogs. This backup may be useful if you accedently delete some of your posts or If your blogger account has been banned then you can import this backup again byimport blog button into your another blog.

Note : If you take backup of your blog, your blog will not be delete from blogger. It just gives you a .xmlcopy of that blog.

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