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Jesus Daily Beats ‘Harry Potter’ For Most Engaging Page

Most Popular and Most Liked Pages On Facebook
Jesus Daily fans rejoice as they tackle their toughest competition yet to hold on as Facebook’s most engaging page: Harry Potter shattered box office records, but the noise on the film’s social networking home could not successfully outshine the long-standing number one contender.
Also on deck this week: a few returning sports stars score a spot on the countdown, and users chat about the approach of a new season for a popular television series.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily6,543,7632,519,974
2. Harry Potter28,515,8061,748,917
3. Justin Bieber32,750,7571,057,037
4. Mario Teguh4,385,1011,025,429
5. Lady Gaga40,280,028756,136
6. The Bible7,835,172721,255
7. Manchester United16,800,972557,364
8. MTV Roadies2,281,220525,489
9. Werevertumorro2,262,692507,554
10. Leo Messi20,071,700471,228
11. Real Madrid C.F.16,448,290407,935
12. ILoveAllaah.com6,110,614404,470
13. We are Khaled Said1,487,579400,607
14. Dios Es Bueno!3,953,402391,436
15. Jesus Christ2,786,048381,468
16. Mehmetcik2,321,832356,250
17. Terima Kasih Ibu2,630,541356,004
18. David Beckham12,344,143317,260
19. Dexter9,016,199311,303
20. Lil Wayne28,730,416298,818


Upcoming meet-up groups are part of Jesus Daily advancing its efforts to become an even more interactive presence that extends beyond Facebook. This week’s real story for the first place finisher is the untouchable 2,519,974 interactions, beating its previous week’s total and leaving those wizards from Hogwarts in the dust.
The Bible‘s 721,255 posts has the text settling for sixth place, a three place decrease. ILoveAllaah.commoves forward to 12th as 404,470 new contributions are made to the conversation. Dios Es Bueno climbs five spots to 14th, and a thank you is owed to 391,436 commenters. Jesus Christ ends in the 15th position with 381,468 voices adding to the discussion.

Movies & Television

The final installment in the Harry Potter film franchise had its social media team hitting the social network with an abudance of engaging clips, interviews, and even a few nostalgic updates that looked back to the first release. The posts continue to be undeniably successful, but 1,748,917 likers can only push the film forward to second place.
In India, “MTV Roadies” sees 525,489 reactions to the latest episode helping it move forward to the eighth position. “Dexter” witnesses a buzzing response to the release of the first video promo for the upcoming season. With 311,303 users interacting, the television show makes a first time engaging pages appearance coming in 19th.


Perfumes, wedding crashing, and talk of a new record have sent diehard Justin Bieber fans spinning; the singer climbs to third enticing a 1,057,037 comment total. Two spots behind, Lady Gaga‘s Spotify invite giveaway and new video announcement has her resting comfortably with a 756,136 interaction total.
A new free mix tape download aids in Lil Wayne‘s return to close out our countdown; 298,818 new thoughts appear on the rapper’s page.


Leading the pack of pages from around the globe, Mario Teguh calls fourth place home this time around welcoming 1,025,429 posters. Video blogs play a part in the comedic Werevertumorro talling 507,554 partakers in the conversation—a ninth place finish. We are Khaled Said is found four places back connecting 400,607 talkative social networkers.
Turkish Army site Mehmetcik‘s 356,250 interaction total helps it return to claim the 16th position. Terima Kasih Ibu sticks around for a second week, and 356,004 fan posts help it advance to 17th.


Manchester United kicked off their United States tour last week, and enthusiasts of the sport continue to chime in on Facebook; the European football team scores the seventh spot this week with 557,364 responses. Leo Messi‘s social networking hub includes updates surrounding the Argentina national team; the forward makes a notable return to cut the list in half with 471,228 a seven day chatter total.
The match up between Real Madrid C.F. and LA Galaxy has sports fans squaring off, and the Spanish team dribbles forward to start off the second half of our list instigating sports talk amongst 407,935 users. Galaxy star David Beckham talks about the match, as well as the birth of his daughter, and commenters help him take over the 18th spot; the newcomer sees 317,260 interactions.
Readers, did you find yourself engaged in the conversation on any of this week’s top 20 pages?
If you want to measure interactions on your own page and compare them to others, take a look atAllFacebook Stats, which allows you to track and compare your pages in different dimensions. The tool is available in a free version, along with multiple business packages.

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