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Love Is Life

Love Is Life
Friends as per my point of view Love happens suddenly in someone's life...after that it becomes life.
Lover cannot imagine the existence of life without it....Both are not suppose to live life without each other.
As life goes on from childhood to teenage , from teenage to young and people grow up to maturity from immaturity love follows the same.As people spend time in lovethen it grows up and converted into strong relationship.......!!
Love Is Life

Life is about trusting your feelings, taking chances,loosing and finding happiness,appreciating the memory,learning from past and realizing people change.All these things are the components of love.So we can conclude that Love and life are interrelated to each other....and alsoLove is Life....
A true lover is one who brings out best in me.
Love is life and once you miss theLove,you miss the life.....!!..
Love is like standing in wet cement,longer you stay the harder to leave and you can never leave without leaving your marks behind.
Love is fact of life and is only thing common to all human existence.

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