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Solar Powered Notebook

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The exciting Solar Impulse project proves it: the sun is able to make an aeroplane fly! So why not systematically equip the high-tech accessories around us so that they too can be powered by the sun's rays?

Samsung is working to this end with its "NC215S" netbook. Resolutely aiming for sustainable development, this mini laptop includes photovoltaic cells on its cover. It will be released initially onto the Russian market before being launched in other countries.

Apart from its green credentials, the Samsung "NC215S" is a pretty standard netbook (1GB of RAM, a 1.66 GHz processor and a 250GB hard drive). It isn't entirely powered by solar energy, this helps save on battery power, which otherwise has good performance. The "NC215S" offers battery life of more than 14 hours. Impressive!Provided by YC/ATC-TCL.com

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