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Duty Of Coach Is To Inspire and keep the football fixture in mind.

Duty Of Coach Is To Inspire and keep the football fixture in mind.
       Responsibility of football coach
You would have heard thousand of times on Tv the commentators talking about how inspiring a coach is to his players. How he motivates and inspires them, how he keeps an eye on the football fixture(Match or tournament being held at a specific place and time) routine to the plan the next match .These are all great traits, and they have their equal importance but you need to agree at my point that at the end of the day, it’s the coaching that helps the players most.
If you are a coach, you’re a teacher. You can be an “inspirer” and a “motivator”, but most importantly you should be a great coach, otherwise the other two traits aren’t going to get you very far. Being a coach you need to train the players in a way that they remain fit and healthy throughout the football fixture. Should never ignore the football fixture, as it tells the place and time where the match is going to be held and the players should get themselves prepared according to the place specified in football fixture, they should keep the weather and audience in mind.
So far this season, a few sideline conversations between coach and player have been caught on camera which I would like to share here.
Picture this in your mind:
Player runs off the football field after mucking up a play. Coach goes over and yells at the player, “I know you can do it, you know what you have to go do, I am sure you can do it?” Listing this the player, becomes proud and replies "Yeah coach, I know, I know” and Coach says “Then you gotta do it. You gotta get it done. I know you can do it.”

What’s forgotten? Yes you got it right! He forgot to tell the player what he can do to get the play done correctly. He should have told him his mistake as well, helping him see how to correct it. It seems like common sense, but sometimes in the heat of a football game, it’s the coaching, the actual one-on-one teaching for the players, that gets lost. So never let it happen.

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