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Thanks To technology because it shows us match live on TV in our homes

People like football  because of technology which shows these matches on Televisions
Thanks To technology because it shows us match live on TV in our homes

Football is one of the beautiful games in this world. This game has millions of fans all over the world regardless of religion, beauty, caste or anything. It is not only famous in the European countries; but is growing in popularity in Asian countries as well. Today it has more than 500 million fans in the India and Pakistan, while at the mean time there is no 1st class team of the both countries. All the credit of footballs growing fans goes to the internet webs and to the media showing football on TV.

The first match was played between England and Scotland in 1872, due to deficiency of electronic media it was impossible that the match was being seen throughout the world and the technology was not advance to show the match of football on TV. The world cup of Football is the largest event which is being seen in the world, played between 32 countries, qualified through different stages playing in 200 countries.

In this era as the technology is playing a big role in the man kind’s life and has made the things very easy and more enjoyable. Football on TV is watched by billion of people and its fans in the world. Now everybody can see and enjoy the matches of football on TV sitting in home with your friends and family. The world cup of football brings the whole nation to a point, and point is to win. Even those who can’t go to watch the matches live pray for their teams and for their country and their feelings and emotions are with their team, especially in the European countries. Now the different leagues in the world are shown on tv for the fans of football.
Famous sports channels:
The famous football channels which show the live matches of football on TV are
1.         Football Italiano (also a football programme)
2.         (Canal + futbol) belongs to Spain
3.         (Canal + liga)  belongs to spain
4.         (C+ Sport DFNS) Scand.
5.         (C +sport France) France
6.         (ESPN) USA
7.         (FOX soccer) USA
8.         (Sky Sports) Germany
9.         (sky sports) UK
10.       (Media set Prem.) Italy          

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