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importance of football
"Football have fans all around the world"
Football was called the game of English people, but football today is known and played in almost every country around the world. Little kids to grand parents all are a big fan of football today. Today anyone can view or see the latest scores, results, fixtures or updates about football on the internet. It is the wide and easy use of internet which made fantasy football popular around the world.Fantasy football is an interactive competition in which a person manages professional football players versus one another. Youngsters and teenagers are the biggest fan and lovers of fantasy football.
Movement is not a new thing in football but its importance is growing day by day in Football today. Today football players should have the tendency to drift out of their natural position and switch with teammates, thereby confusing the opposition about who they were supposed to be marking. Good off-the-ball movement in football today has the effect that it draws the opposition out of position, hopefully creating space in a key area. So keeping the rest tactics in mind off the ball movement cannot be rejected in football today.
One more amazing fact noticed in Football today is that College football games are more popular in some respects than professional football games .The reason of there popularity can be the many college football games played in the country as compared to the 32 teams of NFL.
Last but not the least today's media and websites over the internet are putting their effort best to provide best services regarding football today. Today a football lover can type football score in any search engine, and as a result can find a lot of webs offering what he demands. You can also find a lot of web sites, which keep you update with football score, results and fixture. But nothing can be compared to watching football today live on TV with your family and friends.

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