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How Politicians And Kids Are Similar

Politicians are innocent like children.They Only know about their benefit not for others.....................
How Politicians And Kids Are Similar

How are politicians and kids similar? In several ways. Politicians display an astounding childishness which can make a real kid surprised at his level of immaturity. Undeveloped attitudes, juvenile delinquency and infantile peevishness all sum up the personas of a few honorable members of Congress or Parliament.
  1. Politicians and kids have similar unstable minds and exorbitant desire. “I want everything!” Politicians are indecisive and power-intoxicated like a kid in a candy store with his parents wrapped around his fingers. Politicians have authority, but they abuse their authority, lavishing what resources they have at their disposal.
  2. Politicians and kids forget what they say. “I didn’t say that!” Yes, you did. Politicians have a juvenile tendency to forget their last lie--especially when confessing the truth would mean jeopardizing their careers. Sometimes it’s strange in this world of mass media when politicians would look at a camera and say something and a few months later not recall it.
  3. Politicians and kids both put their hands in the forbidden cookie jar. With cookie crumbs around the mouth they say, “I didn’t do it!” Yes, you heard right. Guilt and evidence etched on the face, yet no confession. This analogy serves several purposes. The cookie jar is none other but the national coffer with unimaginable financial resources targeted to help the people, which integrity demands that they not use for personal enjoyment. Politicians get caught in the act and when the media swarms around them, they deny it--even though the evidence is plain for all to see.
  4. Politicians and kids can unscrupulously take candy from a baby. They take candy from a baby without any qualms; this attitude stems from a childish, bullying trait, which they never outgrew. The poor and helpless that they are meant to protect and defend are robbed and cheated.
  5. Politicians and kids assert empty promises. “But, I promise!” Politicians and kids make excessive promises and never follow up. Before making it to office, politicians abound in promises, oaths and I’ll-do-what-it-takes. However, once self is satisfied, promises go to the wind.
  6. Politicians and kids don’t accept responsibility. "He did it!" Politicians often play the blame game as they endeavor to justify themselves and inculpate others who preceded them in office. Saying whose fault it is doesn’t solve the problem, so please just represent the people.
  7. Politicians and kids think narcissistically. “It’s all about me!” Politicians think that the world revolves around them. Me, me, me!
  8. Politicians and kids play games with serious stuff. Money, fire, deep water, weapons, money--you name it. The world is their playground. They have a decreased appreciation for the important and trivialize vital issues that make the difference between life and death.
  9. Politicians and kids speechify with lofty language without knowing the meaning of the words. Ever try to make a good impression about your intelligence and the attempt flops? Politicians apply those SAT words to everyday life, which is like a square peg in a round hole. Totally incongruous.
  10. Politicians and kids ultimately get spanked at the polls. After doing folly, they get their due. They receive what was always coming to them.

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