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World's Most Famous Mexican people All The Time

World's Most Famous Mexican people All The Time
Famous Mexican people contributed to Mexican politics, culture, science, literature and life.

They have acquired fame by dedicating their lives to a cause and their commitment to the people. Other Mexicans became acclaimed in their careers, distinguishing themselves as dominating rookies.
  1. Don Benito Juárez. Don Benito Juarez'  name is on the list of most famous Mexican people. From Oaxaca, he served as Mexican lawyer, politician, and was president for ten years. He also was the first indigenous Indian to hold such a prestigious position as President of Mexico. Because of his implemented policies, Mexico prospered during the time of his regime. During his tenure, Juarez opposed the French occupation and ousted the French from power.
  2. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla ranks as one  of the most popular name in Mexico owing to his contributions to religion. He was a respected priest who also supported the drive to obtain Mexican independence from Spain. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla joined in the revolution war and traded his clerical robes for the military kit of a Captain General. As one of the primary rebel leaders for independence, he earned the name of "Padre de la Patria" or "Father of the Nation."
  3. Pancho Villa or José Doroteo Arango Arámbula. Pancho Villa is a renowned name in Mexico and has come to be associated with Mexican independence especially during the Mexican Civil War (1910-1920). Pancho Villa combined his efforts with other revolutionary leaders and assumed a Robin Hood personality, seizing land and goods for distribution among the poor. After the revolution, he chose the quieter life of a politician, however, he was assassinated in 1923. 
  4. Emiliano Zapata. Emiliano Zapata is another famous person of Mexican nationality who was engaged in the Mexican Revolutionary War in 1910, lead guerrilla troops, forming the Liberation Army, against the then-dictatorship government led by Porfirio Diaz. Zapata's motto was "Tierra y libertad!" (land and freedom). Many of his political adherents called themselves "Zapatistas." His greatest burden was for poor farmers who had no rights to worked land. He was assassinated by General Pablo González and Colonel Jesús Guajardo who betrayed him by feigning surrender and allegiance to his forces. 
  5. Victor Ochoa. Victor Ochoa is a famous Mexican who invented the Ochoaplane, magnetic brakes and reversible motor. He was also a man wanted by the Mexican government headed by Porfirio Diaz. 
  6. José Hernández-Rebollar. Jose Hernandez-Rebollar stands as a famous Mexican who pioneered the Acceleglove which is a high-tech gear that converts sign language into speech. 
  7. Doctor María del Socorro Flores González. Maria del Socorro Flores Gonzalez is a famous Mexican scientist who helped diagnose invasive amebiasis, a parasitic disease. 
  8. Juan Lozano. Juan Lozano is a famous Mexican inventor who brainstormed and produced the "Rocket Belt." This rocket belt is operated with another invention of his, the hydrogen peroxide machine.
  9. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. This couple is famous in Mexico and throughout the world since they both made an indelible mark as potent and controversial painters and muralistas. They were well-known for their communist sympathies, unorthodox lifestyle and poetic productions. 
  10. Antonio Carbajal. Antonion Carbajal is a famous Mexican who was given the name, "El Cinco Copas" or "Five Cups" because he is the first footballer to take part in five Football World Cups representing Mexico. 
  11. Hugo Sanchez. Hugo Sanchez derived fame as a famous Mexican playing international football. He stood out as the first Mexican soccer players to participate in first-class European soccer clubs. He holds an outstanding record, scoring 253 goals in 283 matches and lead his team in the World Cup as footballer and team captain. 
  12. Oscar De La Hoya. Oscar de la Hoya is a famous Mexican-American boxer who accomplished much winning a gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. De la Hoya also vanquished several boxing world champions and stands out as one of the wealthiest boxers in the world. 
  13. Salma Hayek. This famous Mexican actress began her acting career as a soap opera star. She also was a gymnast. She finally entered Hollywood, playing in films such as "Frida", "Wild Wild West", "Fools Rush In", "From Dusk Till Dawn" and her voice is featured in "Puss in Boots" and "Hunchback of Notre Dame".

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