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Importance And History Of Video Games

A video game is a game which is played through an electronic device and it interact  with user interface to create visual feedback. The electronic devices which are used to play these games are the personal computers and video game consoles.  The features of these electronic devices vary from single button to the multiple buttons and joystick. In some of the computers, mouse and keyboard are simultaneously to play the game. 

The history of video games goes back in early 20th century, as the first video game was developed in 1947. Ad now there are hundred and thousands of video games which are played by the person of every age group, and specially the kids seem very much interested in video games. Ataari, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Entertainment System, Family Computer Disk System, Wii, Game Boy and Game Boy Color and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis are most common video games series among the kids which have generated maximum profit by selling its million of copies.

“Platform” is a device which permits a video game to operate. It is a combination of electronic hardware and low level software. Newer video games software is known as “Gen consoles”.

There are many up coming video games as well, which will make a larger market share for their companies; they are going to be release soon in September or October 2011.

Experts have divided all the video games into different categories like core games, casual games, serious games and educational games. The Fallout series for PC and console,LittleBigPlanet for the PS3 and Bit. Trip series for WiiWare fall under the category of Core games as core games do not appeal to the casual gamer and considered demanding in their game play. Than the casual games which are easy to understand and play and quick to grasp rule sets. The examples of casual games are match tree; tatris, time management, hidden objects etc, and they are sold through online retailers. Then comes the serious games, which are the games that convey the educational or informative message to the player. These are specially designed for professionals as a part of their job for skills improvement; we can also say that it is a sort of training for them to play these games. Some examples of serious games are “in the balance, Darfur is dying, Finding Zoe, etc, which bring awareness to the player in any type of manner. And the last are educational games, as the name indicates these games are aimed to improve scientific, mathematical, and technological improvements in student, it is a sort of bringing the knowledge of current issues to the students and all players. Even the kids can play the educational games to learn counting and spelling, these are specifically introduced after Obama’s campaign “Educate to innovate”.

No doubt these video games are very helping in improving the IQ level of the players, but it is up to the players that which game they play and how they use this technology to bring the positive change.
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